SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

AIMEE & DARIA'S DOLL OUTLET is the largest DOLL OUTLET within 1,000 miles of Lancaster, Pa. With over 5,000 dolls in stock. We have dolls from 2” tall, up to 42” tall. Our prices range from $2.00 up to $2500.00. A doll for everyone at a price everyone can afford.  
We sell dolls from a variety of different major doll companies.
Too many companies to be mentioned.
Our selection includes a large variety of porcelain dolls, and limited edition artist collectable dolls. Along with lots of vinyl play baby dolls too for newborns and up. So whether you are looking for their first doll to play with, or a special collectible doll, you will find it here.

Or you can even MAKE YOUR OWN 20” VINYL BABY.
In 45 minutes or less, we will assist you in assembling your own baby doll, choosing your wig, diapering, and dressing him/her. Prices start at $55.00 and up.
No experience required. Appointment is required.

VISIT OUR BABY DOLL NURSERY and you can peer through a real baby nursery window, with adorable life like babies waiting to be adopted. You will want to bring your camera, and have your picture taken with your new bundle of joy. We have a dolly nurse on duty to give your baby a checkup with her stethoscope. An extra doctor’s coat is also available for grandma to wear too!! No appointment needed.

Don’t be surprised if you find Aimee in the nursery giving all the babies a pat and a hug!

Join us for DOLL HAIR CARE CLASS. This is a fun, hands on class. Bring your doll and learn how to properly comb and style your doll’s hair. Hair brush and salon chair provided during class. $10.00 class fee per doll. Appointment is required.

At AIMEE & DARIA'S DOLL OUTLET, you’ll also find doll furniture. We have a variety of furniture for your 15" and 18" sized American girl like dolls.

Need new doll clothes?
Our store is the place to go with a variety of sizes and styles available.
Bring your old dolls and we will try our best to find some new clothes for him/her.
We also specialize in clothing to fit the American Girl Doll/Bitty Baby with an entire room just for the 15" and 18" size dolls.

Are you looking for AMISH COUNTRY SOUVENIRS. We have lots of vinyl amish dolls dressed in locally handmade clothing, wall hangings, cloth dolls, and more.

When you arrive at our DOLL OUTLET, You will be greeted by some of the friendliest people in Lancaster, PA, and you'll hear great praise and worship Music.

This is a store that began 24 years ago in a tiny room. It was opened only on the
weekends where we sold our personal doll collection to raise money for children in
need. Now it is a 2 story building filled with dolls waiting for you to adopt.

We believe God has greatly blessed our business as we continue to give to others.
We're so glad God brought us together. We look forward to meeting you at our store or via email.

God Bless.
Brenda & Aimee Sheaffer
Mother & Daughter duo from the DOLL OUTLET

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